Friday, September 14, 2012

My girlfriends and I did a car wash last weekend to raise money for Save the Titties. I love titties and I have my own too! So this charity is near and dear to my heart. We have another car wash coming up here in a couple weeks. If your in Atlanta swing by and let us wash ya car!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

My brother is getting married next week and invited his two best friends in from out of town. He couldnt get away from work to pick them up from the airport, so he called me. I drive a limo for fun part time, so I told him it would be no problem to pick them up. See when we were kids I had a crush on both these guys and all they did was make fun of how flat chested and straight lined I was. They told me that I would be a spinster virgin till I died. They hadn’t seen me in years so I knew this would be so much fun! A little sweet payback. Of course I met them at the airport wearing my uniform. Snug fitting and showed my curves in just the right places. They didnt even realize who I was! It was too perfect. Once I had them in the limo they started complaining about the heat and not being able to turn the a/c on. So I pulled over and went and got into the back to look at the air. (which I had “broke”) I turned it on and the cool air started blowing perfectly. Then I placed my hands in each of their laps and said that I knew how to make it really hot if they wanted too! It got really hot in there really fast! They both fucked me good and hard while the other slipped their cocks into my throat again and again. They kept saying how they owed my brother for sending such a great slut. Just before the got out of the car, I called my brother and told him that he owed me big time for picking up his friends. I made sure they heard me talking to him too! The rest of their trip was spent tripping over themselves hoping I didnt let my brother know about our little excursion!