Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My car needed a little work done. I had my brothers grease monkey suit on and had slipped under the car on the creeper. I was muttering to myself because I couldn't get the sensor on right. I had the music blaring so I never heard him walk in. It was my neighbor and he grabbed me by my ankles and pulled me out from under my car. He wasnt very nice about it at all. He was hot in more ways then one! Apparently I had woken him up after he had worked 3rd shift. Oops! I suppose that I should have been more sympathetic to him, but I noticed his hard cock and couldn't resist. I unzipped the front of the monkey suit to show him what was underneath! Seems he liked it a lot too! He bent me over the hood of my car and helped himself to some pussy. Then he fixed my car. I love trade offs that I get to cum!

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